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Browse: CDXTRACT is an intuitive and very fast browser for all your sampler files and audio files. It displays the waveform of the samples as well as the mapping of the programs. CDXTRACT can read from most IDE, SCSI and USB drives including CD, ZIP, Jazz and MO. It also read from Virtual Disks.

Listen: CDXTRACT 4 is the only software that includes a real time audio player capable of playing all the loop modes found in some hardware samplers like the reverse loops, the alternate loops and even the de-synchronized alternate loops. And thanks to its magic player you can now listen to an Akai, Roland or EMU disc as if it were a regular audio CD.

Convert: CDXTRACT converts your sampler files to the most popular formats with a very high accuracy. All kind of conversions are possible, single, bulk but also CDXTRACT includes a batch converter that allows you to select your favorite programs or samples and convert them with a few mouse clicks. Unlike the other converters, CDXTRACT has no limitation of destination formats for one specific source format. All source formats can be converted to all destination formats.

Innovate: With CDXTRACT 4 you can combine several programs together in various manners. You can merge programs, you can combine several programs on top of each other (velocity stacking) or use a controler to switch from one program to another. Also you can combine 2 programs with a crossfade on a controler. And thanks to its multi-context technology, you can do all that with programs from many different locations.

Bank: With CDXTRACT 4.1 you can create your own banks for the following formats: Soundfont, Giga, Halion and VSampler.

Search: Have you ever wasted time looking for a specific sound in all your sampler disks? CDXTRACT includes a hierarchical database that can store an unlimited number of Akai, Roland and EMU disks. You can search for any program or sample by simply entering a few keywords, such as: “snap”, “guit”, “bass”, “drum” … and CDXTRACT will give you a detailed list of all the items that match your request.

Performance: CDXTRACT needs only 20 Megs to run and is extremely fast. It uses its own file cache technology for all disk I/O which gives faster performance than the standard Microsoft and Apple file cache systems. Moreover CDXTRACT performs all the conversions on the fly without any single temp file which makes it at least 2 times faster than any other converters using temp files.

Print: CDXTRACT includes a report generator for your sampler disk’s content, these reports use the html format. Moreover CDXTRACT creates a detailed html report for each conversion, which is very useful to keep track of where the converted files come from.

Cross-platform: CDXTRACT 4 works on PC and Mac, both versions share about 90% of the same code. The great benefit of using cross-platform source code is that the PC and the Mac versions are at the same level and they will evolve at the same speed. No little brother here, just twins.

Windows 2000/XP: CDXTRACT 4 is Windows 2000/XP compliant which means that you don’t have to install any ASPI driver to run CDXTRACT on your Windows 2000/XP system. Microsoft and Adaptec officially said that they don’t support the ASPI driver on these operating systems.