Since you’ve arrived at this Alesis Surge review, we are assuming you’re unsure if the Alesis Surge is right for you. And we understand that purchasing electronic drum sets has a lot of moving components, which might be intimidating.

After all, the Surge was the first mesh-headed electronic drum set, so we had something going for it from the start. But, once again, there are other more aspects to consider, and we’ve attempted to cover them all for you.

If you are interested in these models, keep reading our Alesis Surge vs Nitro review for more information below.

Winner of Alesis Surge vs Nitro: Surge

The Alesis Surge has really pleased us! It contains all of the functions that most drummers would ever want for home practice – plus it has the quieter mesh heads at a price that would have been unheard of two or three years ago.

To the eye, the Alesis Surge also appears to be professional enough to use on any stage for live performance. As a result, we believe the Alesis Surge will serve you well for many years to come on your drumming adventure.

Alesis Surge

Description: The Alesis Surge is an excellent entry-level electronic kit that includes a complete set of mesh drum pads.

Features: The fact that it contains dual-zone tom pads is the kit’s key selling point. You can trigger two sounds from each tom, something most other e-kits in this price range do not.

The Surge module has 24 preset drum kits, 385 onboard sounds, and 60 built-in play-along tracks. Another interesting feature of this set is the 10-inch snare pad. Remember that the Surge is primarily a novice electronic drum set, thus the quality will be lower than that of higher-end kits like Alesis, Roland, and Yamaha.

However, for what it is, it is of extremely excellent quality. The drum module provides a plethora of capabilities, including the ability to set two sounds to each tom.

The sound quality of the preset kits is subpar. That’s to be anticipated with Alesis’ lower-end kits. However, only 5 of the 24 sounds sound quite nice. They are absolutely suitable for use in professional situations.


  • Tom pads with two zones
  • Snare pad 10″
  • Hardware in chrome


  • The kick drum pad is known to cause a few problems

Alesis Nitro

Description: The Alesis Nitro electronic drum set is the less expensive of the two. It is somewhat smaller and lacks the same hardware features.

Features: The drum module, on the other hand, is nearly identical. The only significant difference is that the Nitro module has 40 preset drum sets to experiment with.

The most notable characteristic of the Alesis Nitro Mesh is that it is the most affordable electronic kit with mesh pads all around. Add in the fact that they’re tuneable, and you’ve got yourself a fantastic e-kit.

Because the Nitro Mesh is one of Alesis’s most affordable drum kits, you might believe it’s of the lowest quality. That is only true in terms of hardware. The module is quite similar to the Alesis Surge module, and the drum samples are identical.

The kick pedal that comes with the kit is the Nitro Mesh’s weakest link. It’s a little flimsy, so playing on it feels a little shaky. The remainder of the set’s hardware is fairly decent in terms of quality.


  • Tuneable mesh heads at an economical price
  • 40 preset drum kits


  • Kick pedal

Alesis Surge vs Nitro Comparison

The hardware in the two kits is the most noticeable variation between them. The Surge features a strong chrome rack, whilst the Nitro Mesh has a lightweight plastic rack. In addition, the Surge boasts a bigger snare drum pad and dual-zone toms.

Because of these additions, the Surge costs around $200 more than the Nitro Mesh. The drum modules are essentially identical. They both have the identical play-along tracks and preset kits.

Alesis Surge vs Nitro Sound Quality

Looking at the sounds provided by both drum kits, we’ve discovered that there is very little difference! To be really honest, the Alesis Surge and Nitro electronic drum kits use the same drum module and hence offer the same sounds and onboard functions.

Both sets’ modules are lightning-quick and responsive, which is precisely what you expect from an electronic drum set. The fact that there are 40 onboard drum sets is very astounding.

The sounds are adequate for the price, but nothing to write home about. Because they are low-cost electronic drum kits, don’t anticipate high-definition, detailed professional-level sounds.

Alesis Surge vs Nitro Build Quality

The Alesis Surge and Nitro E-drum kits are both well-designed and well-made. Both electronic drum kits include robust hardware. The type of hardware components is the biggest difference between the two Alesis electronic drum sets in terms of build quality.

The Alesis surge comes with a 4-post chrome rack that looks and feels more professional. We must think that the chrome hardware looks better.

If you intend to utilize your electronic drum set live, this is a crucial consideration when selecting a kit, because the audience will be concerned with its appearance!

Alesis Surge vs Nitro Performance

Both electronic drum kits offer a realistic playing experience and are a lot of fun to use. Both drum sets have 40 high-quality drum kit sounds, and the module is very sensitive, which means that when you strike the drum head, you immediately hear the sounds; it also recognizes all of the tiny variances in your playing style.

Conclusion: Alesis Surge vs Nitro [2022 Review]

The Alesis Surge and Nitro Mesh are excellent kits to consider purchasing. They’re both great options for your first electronic drum kit. Because these are entry-level kits, don’t anticipate professional sounds or features.

However, they both provide outstanding value for the money. The Nitro Mesh is the less expensive choice. So, if you have the money, get the Surge. Otherwise, the Nitro Mesh is an excellent option.

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