The Hifiman HE400i and Hifiman HE400S are creating a new standard in the world of reference headphones by deviating from conventional design and technological elements. The magnetic planar driver in both the Hifiman HE400i and Hifiman HE400S will undoubtedly alter your mind.

Let’s suppose that by the time you’ve finished reading this, you’ll be well informed of everything these music fans will say. Until you realize how beneficial headphones can be. You’ll never comprehend the excitement surrounding a single headset.

In reality, we both know that people are constantly on the lookout for the next best thing so we will compare HE-400i vs HE-400s. If you are interested in these models, keep reading our Hifiman HE-400i vs HE-400s review for more information below.

Winner of Hifiman HE-400i vs HE-400s: Hifiman HE400S

Because of the strong competition that both of these headphones have put up, it has been quite difficult to distinguish between the Hifiman HE400i and the Hifiman HE400S. But we have to choose one of them, and for us, it has to be the Hifiman HE400S.

Because the Hifiman HE400S sounds warmer than the cold and analytical Hifiman HE400i. It is delicate and not overdone. The soundstage is also improved. The Hifiman HE400i is a solid headphone, however, it lags below the Hifiman HE400S in terms of performance. So, for us, the Hifiman HE400S is the clear winner.

Hifiman HE-400i

Description: Well, these tiny creatures obviously have something we’d both love to know about. The he400i merely looks like it’s a sibling.

Features: With no discernible change. You may notice certain differences, such as cushioning and weight, but we don’t think you’ll notice any difference unless you touch them. They have shown to be capable of producing fantastic sounds.

Almost every audiophile has given their approval to this. They provide high-quality results by combining clarity with a dark backdrop and fast processing. However, this is mostly determined by the source of music. When it comes to comfort, this pair does not fall short.


  • The bass is clear and not overpowering
  • It comes with a detachable cord


  • Cable quality is a little iffy

Hifiman HE-400s

Description: First, let’s take a look at the Hifiman HE400S. What else can we say? It’s a magnetic planar headphone that exceeds everything in sound and price.

Features: At the time, this one is very popular on the market. Simply examining the price may cause your wallets to tremble, but you’ll quickly realize that the pricing decided by the competitors is pretty enough.

The 400s feature a hefty design that you will notice from the outside. However, they managed to make the ear cups appear thinner. We suppose we may credit magnetic drives for that. Furthermore, everything appears to be rather elegant and neat.


  • A light and spacious soundstage
  • Good instrument isolation


  • Earpads might be scratchy

Hifiman HE-400i vs HE-400s Comparison

The 400S has a mid-bass emphasis, resulting in slower, smoother bass overall. Overall, it is above average in quantity. The 400i has much-improved depth and texture. The 400i has tighter impacts, whereas the 400S has thicker impacts.

Overall, the 400S is smoother than the 400i. The 400i offers greater details and clarity than the 400S. The darker, lusher sound characteristic of the 400S can be heard in the voices as well.

The 400i has a lot more volume in the treble. The 400i’s treble has an edge to it that the 400S smooth down. This smoothness comes at the expense of intricacy and presence. Over the 400S, the I provides more air at the greatest highs.

The 400S improves the sub-bass roll-off here, providing a significantly greater amount overall. In many ways, it makes the 400i appear anemic in the process. It significantly tightens the bass and provides a more believable, direct impact.

The middle smooths out even more, giving the 400S a warmer, lusher sound. The new pads have little effect on the treble.

Hifiman HE-400i vs HE-400s Design

Both the Hifiman HE400i and Hifiman HE400S have similar physical appearances. Most notably, they are both open planar headphones.

You’ve probably heard of headphones and earphones that use a balanced armature or a dynamic driver as their crossovers. That is not the case with the Hifiman HE400i and HE400S.

Instead of the typical voice coil and fixed magnet in the diaphragm, the magnetic planar driver in the Hifiman HE400i and Hifiman HE400S employs an aluminum trace tensioned and stretched between two magnets.

Hifiman HE-400i vs HE-400s Sound

Before we go into the audio quality, you should know that both the Hifiman HE400i and the Hifiman HE400S are open-back headphones.

That is, even if you are listening to something, all outside sounds will be audible to you, and vice versa, i.e. everyone around you will be able to hear what you are listening to. As a result, because they are reference headphones, it is advised that you wear them in a confined setting, preferably in your studio or a silent room.

They also contain characteristics that make them suited for studio use.

Hifiman HE-400i vs HE-400s Bass

The Hifiman HE400i provides a nice bass response. It may lack the requisite thud and rumble, and aficionados of powerful bass will be disappointed. Bass guitars and kick drums have a very faint tone.

The bass is comparable with the Hifiman HE400S as well. The kick drums are polished, and the bass guitars are not muddy at all. It’s not horrible, but we wish there was more of it.

Hifiman HE-400i vs HE-400s Treble

The treble performance of the Hifiman HE400i is a little overemphasized, but it is not apparent. What’s troubling is the strong sibilance in the harsh voices and cymbals, which can seem much brighter than they should.

The Hifiman HE400S, on the other hand, genuinely excels at the upper end. It has a strong presence and is well-detailed; particularly, the cymbal sounds and other harsh audios break through the mix flawlessly without dominating the overall sound.

Conclusion: Hifiman HE-400i vs HE-400s [2022 Review]

The Hifiman HE400i and Hifiman HE400S have very identical physical appearances. Only if you carry them will you notice any differences. Then you’ll notice a minor variation in weight and maybe appearance. We hope you liked our Hifiman HE-400i vs HE-400s review and it was helpful.

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