Klipsch has established itself as a company that develops remarkable designs in order to provide great performance to its prized clients. Today, we’ll look at three of its high-quality speakers, the Klipsch R-26FA versus R-625FA.

In their height channels, both speakers have a 2-way channel configuration with a 1-inch LTS tweeter and a top-firing 5.25-inch cone woofer.

When utilized in a smaller environment, the Klipsch R26FA speaker performs well. And the best part is that you don’t have to break the bank to be the proud owner of this cutting-edge speaker. The Klipsch R625FA, on the other hand, performs admirably in significantly larger venues.

However, you will need to pay more money for this speaker, but be confident that the money is well spent. In any case, why not sacrifice performance and transform your living room into a music hall?

If you are interested in these models, keep reading our Klipsch R-26fa vs R-625fa review for more information below.

Winner of Klipsch R-26fa vs R-625fa: Klipsch Reference R-26FA

Klipsch is well-known for producing high-quality sound, and this extends to their floor speakers. The Klipsch R-624FA and R-26FA are two models worth comparing. Because they are nearly identical in size, you won’t have to worry about which floor speaker will fit into your audio system.

However, the distinctions may make one more suitable for your environment. The R-26FA is a low-cost model that can fill tiny rooms with amazing sounds. The R-625FA is more expensive, but it offers the power you need for bigger areas. For its price, Klipsch Reference R-26FA wins this Klipsch R-26fa vs R-625fa review.

Klipsch R-26fa

Description: There’s an elevation channel at the top of the cabinet in R-26fa, and this allows the LTS tweeter and IMG woofer to be positioned higher up.

Features: The upward elevation includes a Dolby Atmos system that allows the 26FA speakers to blast sound off the ceiling to provide an immersive experience.

The R-26A speakers’ MDF cabinet material is properly acoustically dampened to prevent undesired vibrations and distortion. Furthermore, the stunning black brushed polymer surface allows the speaker to blend in with the majority of your room’s interior color schemes.

The speakers also include a strong and detachable grille that protects the speaker from being damaged by items.

Focusing on low frequencies is worthwhile if you enjoy movies or are an audiophile who enjoys fine music. Klipsch understands this, which is why they created the bass reflex enclosure with its front-firing bass port.

There are magnetically insulated front-firing 6.5″ copper spun IMG woofers to avoid distortion caused by unwanted acoustic interference. There’s even more. The woofers provide very excellent low-frequency response and very little cone breakage. Because of the extreme stiffness provided by these IMG woofers.


  • A perfect pick for small-sized rooms
  • They are Dolby Atmos compatible
  • Their elegant black finish easily integrates with most decor
  • Durable and robust cabinet
  • Its drivers help minimize sound distortion
  • Has multiple inputs: Bi-wire, Dual binding posts, and Bi-amp


  • Its weight of 52 lbs can be quite bulky

Klipsch R-625fa

Description: The Klipsch R-625FA, a new behemoth with improved mobility and mind-blowing performance, was introduced in 2018.

Features: It’s meant to function as a tower speaker but with the feature meter high drivers that reflect sound off the ceiling to provide an interactive experience.

The Klipsch 625FA speakers have a timber vinyl box finish with a black texture, making them strong and long-lasting. Because of their floor-standing style, they are ideal for left and right loudspeakers in your home sound system. Finally, at 49 pounds, they are more portable than the R26FA speakers.

Dolby Atmos technology in its altitude speakers enables sound to be projected from the ceiling to any location in your living room.

The Klipsch 625FA’s high crossover frequency (2000 Hz) allows it to filter sound frequency before it is delivered from your speaker system. As a result, the Klipsch 625FA drivers were engineered to withstand the highs and lows produced by your speakers.

A one-inch LTS tweeter and a 90 x 90 square Tractrix Horn handle high-frequency signals, while wire spun IMG woofers manage lows.

Do you need to connect the Klipsch R-625FA floor-standing speakers to a receiver or amplifier? It’s easy! Connect the speaker to the amplifier using the gold-plated and spring-loaded binding posts to experience the enhanced performance.


  • At high levels, there is little distortion
  • Excellent performance in big spaces Significantly increased durability
  • They create crisp, clear sound and have many functions for separate channels


  • There is no wireless connection or Bluetooth
  • Purchase pricey

Klipsch R-26fa vs R-625fa Comparison

We may now see a movie at home without leaving the house, thanks to the current epidemic and technological advances. As a result of these developments, quarantine has become considerably more comfortable. Speakers are one of these technological developments, and businesses are continuously looking for new ways to attract clients.

Are you looking for a speaker system to add soul to your party or to enhance your TV viewing experience? Then you must invest in a high-quality speaker system. There are many different types of speakers, both wired and wireless, available at various rates right now.

These are both home cinema or home theatre speakers that provide a movie experience in the comfort of your own home. High-definition speakers and displays offer this experience according to this Klipsch R-26fa vs R-625fa review.

Today, we’ll compare the Klipsch reference r-26fa to the Klipsch reference r-625fa. We will analyze the costs, design, and sound quality to determine which is the superior option.

Klipsch R-26fa vs R-625fa Audio

Both speakers provide Dolby Atmos sound. At both high and low volume levels, music and speech are crisp and clear. Both versions have a frequency response of 38Hz, and their audio sensitivity is nearly identical.

Where the R-625FA excels is with its drivers. Both the high and low-frequency drivers outperform the R-26FA. Higher frequencies are handled by a one-inch aluminum compression diaphragm and Tractrix horn, while the bass is handled by copper-spun magnetically insulated woofers.

Klipsch R-26fa vs R-625fa Setup

Even inexperienced users will have no trouble installing and configuring the floor speakers. The weight of both models is comparable, with the R-26FA being around three pounds less than the R-625FA.

You’ll also have no trouble connecting the speakers to your other components. They have banana clips as well as ports for a receiver, TV, or projector. Even attaching the Dolby Atmos sound system is simple. However, the R-625FA has two binding ports as opposed to the R-26FA’s single one.

Klipsch R-26fa vs R-625fa Design

You can conceal floor speakers in a nook, but this might degrade sound quality. Both of these speakers are intended to be displayed. Each has a distinct aesthetic, but you won’t have any issues with the speakers blending in with your existing setup.

The R-26FA has a wood grain vinyl cabinet, whilst the R-625FA has a brushed black polymer chassis. Both versions include visible copper woofers, giving them a sleek and attractive appearance according to this Klipsch R-26fa vs R-625fa review.

The design, which refers to the entire aesthetic of the product, is one of the most important factors to consider when making a purchase. Our attention is drawn to the design and color since they determine how well it will blend in with other pieces of furniture, the room, and the device to which it will be connected.

A buyer’s first view of a design could either help them fall back in love with it or make them reluctant to purchase it according to this Klipsch R-26fa vs R-625fa review.

Both speakers feature the same high-quality finish and design, with just minor changes. It makes the choice tougher than ever before. However, the reference r-26fa takes the lead here since it has a vinyl finish as opposed to the black polymer.

Klipsch R-26fa vs R-625fa Price

The difference between the two kinds of speakers is negligible. However, there is a $80 price difference. Why should you spend an extra $80 for virtually the same things as the design, woofer and tweeter size? As a result, the reference r26 fa takes the lead and is a better alternative.

Conclusion: Klipsch R-26fa vs R-625fa [2022 Review]

Klipsch R26FA vs R625FA Reference series speakers have proven to be a market force to be reckoned with today. Although these Floorstanding speakers differ in several ways, the sound quality they provide is noteworthy according to this Klipsch R-26fa vs R-625fa review.

The Klipsch R26FA speaker is ideal for customers who want high-quality sound in tiny spaces. However, if you’re on a tight budget, these speakers will suffice. However, if sound quality and carefully selected features are more important than affordability, we strongly recommend the Klipsch R-625FA Floorstanding speakers.

When utilized in a large living room, the speaker performs flawlessly without sacrificing sound quality. However, the choice between the Klipsch 26FA and 625FA comes down to cost against room space. We hope you liked our Klipsch R-26fa vs R-625fa review and it was helpful.

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