Is it important to have an FM radio tuner on a soundbar? It is if you desire more adaptability and better sound quality. Unfortunately, not all FM radio-enabled soundbars give excellent performance and quality.

Our specialists have tried and tested a number of them to see which live up to their individual claims to assist you to choose the best soundbar with an FM radio tuner.

Are you looking for a fantastic music soundbar that also lets you listen to FM radio? Then have a look at one of the FM radio soundbars we’ve highlighted in this post! We present you reviews on some of the top soundbars with FM tuners, together with all of their qualities and specs, in the short purchasing guide we made for you.

We also provide you with all of the facts you need to know about this soundbar genre, whether you’ve never heard of it before or want to learn more. If you are interested in these models, keep reading our 3 Best Soundbars with FM Radio review for more information below.

Our Top Pick: Bose TV Speaker

Description: The Bose TV Speaker is a small 2.0 system. Despite its modest size, it is intended for use with a TV due to its Optical and HDMI ARC connectors.

Features: Despite the lack of low bass, its sound profile is more suited to TV programs since it produces smooth and balanced mids, resulting in pretty clear and present vocals.

However, it is severely lacking in features. There is a conversation enhancement tool, as well as bass adjustment, but that’s about it. You may also add a Bose Bass Module 500 or 700 later on to the system. Having said that, it’s well-equipped for watching your favorite TV shows and can even stream books or audio from your phone.

If you are looking for the 3 Best Soundbars with FM Radio, you should give this one a chance. This is probably one of the best 3 Best Soundbars with FM Radio you can find.

The Bose TV Speaker is enough for conversation and TV programming. Because this 2.0 configuration lacks a distinct center channel, voices aren’t as well-positioned inside the sound picture.

Having said that, its balanced mid-range reproduces voices with attention to detail, and there’s even a conversation enhancement option to make them crisper and clearer. Bluetooth allows you to instantly broadcast audiobooks and podcasts to the bar.

It does not, however, have an auto-volume mode, which might be frustrating for people who want to watch TV at night.

The Bose TV Speaker comes with two little foam cradles, while the remainder of the packaging is easily recyclable cardboard.

A power cord, a thin remote with a button cell battery already inserted, an optical cable, and quick-start instructions are included. Interestingly, despite the TV Speaker’s HDMI ARC input and auxiliary analog input, Bose does not supply HDMI or analog connections. 

Although the Bose TV Speaker lacks many of the functions featured in the company’s higher-end range of smart soundbars, its design and aesthetics place it squarely in the same family as these more expensive speakers.

It has a refined, luxury impression thanks to its low-profile, corrugated metal grille and entirely smooth top surface. The matte-black plastic casing draws little notice to itself, so your focus will be entirely on the sound, rather than the speaker, as it should be.


  • Dialogue improvement is an option
  • Bluetooth-compatible


  • At maximum volume, it doesn’t become very loud and there are compression issues

Runner Up: Pyle 3D Surround Bluetooth Soundbar PSBV200BT

Description: The Pyle 3D Surround Bluetooth Soundbar is extremely elegant, user-friendly, and comes with your option of Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.  

Features: The LCD screen also serves as a control panel, allowing users to easily tune the FM radio and access other basic controls. The Pyle 3D has Dolby 5.1 surround sound to engage you in the most authentic audio experience a single soundbar can provide.

The soundbar is compatible with a variety of devices via various connectors and has a sound amp and equalization for personalization. If you are looking for the 3 Best Soundbars with FM Radio, you should give this one a chance. This is probably one of the best 3 Best Soundbars with FM Radio you can find.

The Plye 3D surround bar is the first radio soundbar we want you to know about. It is a high-powered sound bar with 5 speakers that provide beautiful 3D sound. It has a 300-watt power supply, a 5.25-inch ported mid-woofer, twin 3-inch full-range drivers, and dual 1-inch tweeters.

It has an FM radio, a USB flash drive, an SD memory card reader, an AUX 3. 5mm input, and two RCA audio input ports. It works with MP3, Mac, PC, TV, and speaker systems.

You also get built-in Wifi and Bluetooth 2.1+ EDR technology, which allows you to quickly connect this soundbar to your smartphone or other external devices like laptops, tablets, and so on. This soundbar model has a Bluetooth range of 100 feet. You may customize audio and connect via downloaded applications using the built-in Wi-Fi.

Another advantage of this soundbar is the inbuilt sound amplifier and EQ audio arrangement, which provides unrivaled resonance. A front panel control center, an LCD, and wireless remote control are also featured. All of the settings on the LCD may be changed using the buttons or the remote control.


  • Choose between Bluetooth and Wi-Fi FM radio functions
  • Dolby 5.1 Surround Sound Sound Amplifier with Customizable EQ
  • Many gadgets are compatible with it
  • The remote is included
  • Control panels on the front
  • The display screen


  • The bass is really loud
  • There is no optical input

Best for Budget: Sykik SBME2SUB Bluetooth Sound Bar

Description: Amazing sound may be found in a tiny and reasonably priced box. This is demonstrated with the Sykik SBME2SUB Bluetooth Soundbar.

Features: For extra bass, the 37-inch soundbar is complemented with a small 4-inch external subwoofer. The compact soundbar is transportable, with wireless connectivity options such as Bluetooth that may link to your mobile media devices instantaneously.

There is a control panel on the machine itself, or you can use the little wireless control that comes with your order to manage your system. The device also comes with a one-year guarantee from Sykik.

If you are looking for the 3 Best Soundbars with FM Radio, you should give this one a chance. This is probably one of the best 3 Best Soundbars with FM Radio you can find.

This 2.1 Bluetooth speaker system with the soundbar is ideal for any size TV, PC, smartphone, or gaming. The soundbar is 37″ long, 3″ deep, and 3.5″ high, and it is wall mountable (wall screws included). A 70″ long RCA wire connects to the subwoofer.

The Bluetooth subwoofer measures 10.7″ tall, 10″ deep, and 6.2″ broad. The machine has SD and USB connections on the top. The subwoofer delivers sound from the unit’s base. The LED display indicates the source (AUX, Bluetooth, RADIO…).

When listening to the radio, the LED display displays the station. A bass control, mater on/off switch, and RCA input jacks are located on the rear of the subwoofer. The Full function tv remote allows you to turn on/off the device, mute it, and adjust the volume up/down according to our 3 Best Soundbars with FM Radio review.

The EQ button on the remote allows you to select from a variety of pre-set EQ settings. The remote control allows direct FM station selection as well as up and down a search. With the PAUSE function in Bluetooth mode, you can skip to the next or previous music.


  • US guarantee of one year
  • Simple to connect
  • FM radio option for portable Bluetooth FM radio
  • Small subwoofer with an LED display
  • Remote control and control panel


  • Smallmouth bass
  • No Wi-Fi

Buyer’s Guide for 3 Best Soundbars with FM Radio

What does it take to be one of the top FM radio tuner soundbars and make our list? Our professionals are here to respond.

Style and Design

A soundbar with an FM radio tuner, whether it has an extra subwoofer or not, should be small. A control panel on the surface, according to our experts, makes the entire machine easier to manage and access according to our 3 Best Soundbars with FM Radio review.

Audio Quality

Is your new soundbar with FM radio equipped with modern audio technologies like Dolby or DTS? Extra features like sound modes and tuned drivers for improved sound are also available.

Compatibility and connectivity

It is critical to have a soundbar with Bluetooth connectivity and interoperability with other devices. The more connection choices a soundbar has, such as HDMI, digital optical, and RCA, the greater its versatility according to our 3 Best Soundbars with FM Radio review.

Battery life is another element to consider if you have a very portable soundbar. Look for ones that have a playtime of at least 10 hours.


Is there a built-in sound amp in the little system? If this is the case, it is classified as a powered or active soundbar. If it does not have one, it is termed a passive model that would necessitate the purchase of your own according to our 3 Best Soundbars with FM Radio review.


Soundbars with an FM radio converter can cost anything from a few dollars to several hundred dollars. Our professionals consistently consider the various budgets of consumers and provide premium and budget solutions that all provide excellent performance.


A soundbar with an FM radio gives users additional options. Not only can you experience better sound for your beloved video, but you can also listen to your favorite radio stations according to our 3 Best Soundbars with FM Radio reviews.

What Is the Use of an FM Tuner Soundbar?

One of the primary advantages of having an FM radio soundbar is that it provides excellent audio quality whether you are viewing movies, TV shows, listening to music, or listening to the radio. It is a flexible product that we believe is well worth your money. These soundbars are ideal for your living area, where you spend most of your time with friends and family.

Why Is An FM Radio An Excellent Addition To A Soundbar?

The FM radio that comes with the soundbar is a terrific addition because it allows you to listen to the news, radio discussion shows, and the latest music hits.

However, the audio quality will be far superior to that of a typical radio. They are really simple to set up, and you should have no trouble finding your favorite radio station in no time according to our 3 Best Soundbars with FM Radio review.

What more do these soundbars have to offer?

These soundbars are typically equipped with Bluetooth technology to facilitate communication with any external devices. They may also include built-in Wifi, LCDs, rechargeable batteries, and other features. Some offer voice control so you can use them hands-free, and the majority come with a remote.

For many individuals, soundbars are the finest method to improve the audio quality of television. They’re easy to set up and don’t have all of the speakers and connections that come with a surround-sound system.

While most soundbars won’t sound as nice as separate speakers, especially when playing music, they’re still far superior to your TV’s built-in speakers according to our 3 Best Soundbars with FM Radio review.


Soundbars come in many forms and sizes, ranging from less than a foot long to broader than a large-screen television. While larger soundbars may have more drivers and hence a greater sound, there are somewhere the only thing you’re paying for is a long box.

Take note whether you want the soundbar to be the same width as your TV. Televisions are measured diagonally, whereas soundbars are measured lengthwise, therefore a 46-inch TV will not match a 46-inch broad speaker. Purchasing a soundbar designed by the same manufacturer may assist, but this is not guaranteed.

If you want them to match, you have two options: a) use this useful chart to compare the width of your TV to screen size, or b) more precisely, verify the width of both models in the manufacturers’ spec pages before you buy.

Which connectors do I need: HDMI, eARC, or optical?

For a long time, most soundbars were linked to the TV through optical output, but with the rising popularity of ARC (audio return channel) and even newer eARC HDMI, you now have a choice of connection modes.  

The idea is to connect all of your home theater equipment directly to the TV, then connect the soundbar to the TV’s HDMI or optical output. It has a simple overall design because all you have to do is switch inputs with your TV remote.

Most individuals choose to utilize the TV as a switcher because of its ease of usage. However, there are several disadvantages to this design. For starters, you’re restricted by the number of inputs on your TV.

You can only connect three devices if your TV only has three inputs. You could use an HDMI switcher to get around this, but it adds complications that you were presumably trying to avoid by acquiring a soundbar in the first place according to our 3 Best Soundbars with FM Radio review.

Another difficulty is that most televisions convert incoming audio to stereo rather than genuine surround sound. Most bars are stereo-only, however, surround-capable bars operate best when connected to a surround input.

Is Bluetooth or Wi-Fi music required?

While many functions on soundbars are unnecessary, there is one notable exception: wireless streaming. This may be done in one of two ways: Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Wireless streaming allows you to play music from a variety of sources, such as Spotify on your phone or iTunes on your computer, through your soundbar.

Bluetooth is the most convenient method for wirelessly streaming audio from your phone or tablet. It works with music saved on your device as well as any music app (such as Pandora or Spotify), and it is platform-neutral (almost all iOS, Android, and Windows phones and tablets have built-in Bluetooth).

Similarly, practically every soundbar on the market has Bluetooth, and if it doesn’t, an adaptor may be purchased according to our 3 Best Soundbars with FM Radio review.

Conclusion: 3 Best Soundbars with FM Radio [2022 Review]

We selected five of the most famous soundbar radios in this post, so selecting the best one was difficult. We ultimately decided on two models as the best: Bose and the Pyle 3D Surround Bluetooth Soundbar.

The Plye model has WiFi, Bluetooth, and 5 loudspeakers. It is also compatible with the MP3, Mac, PC, and your television. The Bose model functions as a soundbar, speaker, and MP3. It has Bluetooth 5.0 technology, which provides connectivity to all suitable portable drives. We hope you liked our 3 Best Soundbars with FM Radio review and it was helpful.

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