Acoustic guitar tuning pegs are among the most neglected components of a guitar until they get out of tune. Tuning pegs, like other guitar parts, need to be replaced when they break or become worn. Finding the best acoustic guitar tuning pegs for your instruments is vital to preserving their rhythm.

Gotoh Magnum Traditional Guitar Tuners, Fender Chrome Locking Tuners, D’Addario Auto-trim Tuning Pegs, Gotoh Schaller-style Chrome Tuners, and Hipshot Grip-Locking Tuner are among the best acoustic guitar tuning pegs. These tuners have a high gear ratio, excellent locking, and are low in weight.

We’ll walk you through the process of purchasing acoustic guitar pegs and the variables to take into account in this article. If you are interested in these models, keep reading our 5 Best Acoustic Guitar Tuning Pegs review for more information below.

Our Top Pick: Gotoh Schaller-Style Knob Tuning Machines

Description: If you’re bored of returning your acoustic guitar after every concert, Gotoh Schaller-style tuning pegs are the way to go. These tuners from a reputable global brand are the ideal approach to add a professional touch to your instrument.

Features: The 6-in-a-line tuning pegs have a 16:1 gear ratio and precise fitting gear to give your notes and tunes a wonderful touch. The high gear ratio enables precise precision tuning while still allowing your instrument to perform and stay in tune. 

Installing Gotoh tuners is a tried and true method for upgrading a subpar guitar to a professional level. The Gotoh tuning keys, with their ingenious locking mechanism, will transform any acoustic guitar into a dependable stage and studio instrument. 

If you are looking for the 5 Best Acoustic Guitar Tuning Pegs, you should give this one a chance. This is probably one of the best 5 Best Acoustic Guitar Tuning Pegs you can find.

You can be certain that it will retain tension even throughout extended periods of play. There will be no more unpleasant interruptions forcing you to retune your instrument every couple of songs.

These heavy-duty tuning mechanisms are simple to install and fit on headstocks with 10 mm peg holes. They have exceptional craftsmanship and great design, allowing them to run smoothly.

The Gotoh tuners, when properly installed, render gear slops obsolete, which contributes to their renown. Top musicians throughout the world regard and trust these tuners as the best tuning heads available.

Each pair of Gotoh machine tuners comes with a mounting tool to make the replacement or upgrading process as simple as possible.


  • Produced by a respected brand
  • The gear ratio is high
  • Allows guitars to stay in tune for a long time Superb locking mechanism
  • Schaller-style cape


  • They are incompatible with 3 x 3 instruments

Runner Up: Hipshot Grip-Lock 6 inline Enclosed 21mm Post Locking Tuners

Description: When looking for a great set of replacement tuning machines, you can’t go wrong with the Hipshot Grip-lock chrome tuner. These very stable tuners have a revolutionary locking mechanism that provides improved stability.

Features: The Grip-Lock mechanism securely clasps the guitar strings, complementing your guitar tuning efforts. Superior tuning precision is achieved by combining strong tuner stability with an ultra-smooth 18:1 gear ratio. 

These tuners allow you to fine-tune your instrument and lock it in place for all of your playing sessions. The sleek replacement tuners have an attractive style that will suit your collection of acoustic guitars. They’re wonderfully crafted and exhibit every trace of great craftsmanship.

If you are looking for the 5 Best Acoustic Guitar Tuning Pegs, you should give this one a chance. This is probably one of the best 5 Best Acoustic Guitar Tuning Pegs you can find.

Adding these tuners to your acoustic guitar adds a lovely touch of utilitarian beauty to it. Unlike other versions, the Hipshot Grip tuners include a Universal Mount Plate (UMP) to expedite setup. The plate allows you to change or update your tuners without modifying the headstock of your guitar.

Because the replacement process is quick and simple, no drilling or screwing is required. The better locking mechanisms allow you to quickly change the guitar strings.


  • The gear ratio is high
  • They include a Universal Mount Plate
  • They are quite solid and have an elegant style and appearance


  • Some posts may not grip the strings as tightly as others

Best for Budget: Fender Locking Tuners

Description: Fender locking tuners meet up to every expectation, coming from one of the most well-known and dependable names in the musical instrument market

Features: These superb tuning pegs are available in chrome, brushed chrome, black, and polished chrome and will accent any acoustic guitar in your collection. The tuners bear the distinctive Fender emblem, allowing your guitar to display your refined sense of style and quality. 

This beautiful pair of tuning machines features an 18:1 gear ratio that enables for unrivaled precision tuning while helping your guitar to stay in tune for extended periods of time. Except after a heavy playing session, you’re unlikely to retune the instrument regularly.

If you are looking for the 5 Best Acoustic Guitar Tuning Pegs, you should give this one a chance. This is probably one of the best 5 Best Acoustic Guitar Tuning Pegs you can find.

These locking tuning keys include stagger-height posts to allow you to fine-tune your guitar and strum magnificent tones worthy of your abilities and reputation.

The tuning machines come as a set of six pegs, complete with bushings and washers, so you can rapidly replace your old set. To install the new tuners, all you need is a 10 mm nut driver.

The dual locking mechanism with a locking screw provides unparalleled stability and enables lightning-fast string changing.


  • Built by a reliable firm
  • The gear ratio is high
  • Outstanding locking mechanism
  • Excellent stability
  • Available in a variety of colors
  • It is compatible with inline and 3 x 3 acoustic guitars.


  • Some acoustic guitars are not compatible

DJ200AB-A2B TENOR Classical Guitar Tuners

Description: If you want to jazz up your acoustic guitar without sacrificing sound quality, the DJ200AB-A2B is the way to go.

Features: Despite their lengthy name, these acoustic guitar tuning pegs have an antique brass finish and are quite dependable. They’re professionally designed to give your instrument a beautiful but professional appearance.

Because these tuning pegs are designed specifically for Flamenco or Classical guitars, the mounting plate has elaborate designs. Each side of the mounting plate has a unique design.

The machine heads have a dragon on one side and a phoenix on the other, thus the names Dragon and Phoenix. The tuners are composed of solid brass metal, while the shafts are constructed of black and gold aluminum.

The screwed buttons are composed of a glossy black acrylic material.

The tuning pegs are mounted on two separate mount plates, each with three pegs, and are secured to the headstock with four screws. Each peg has an 18:1 gear ratio for accurate and precise guitar tuning.

These tuners lack a gear lash, therefore the string is wrapped around the barrel to engage the gear. Because the gears are snug and respond to the slightest turn, the tuning pegs allow precise tuning with proper installation.

If you are looking for the 5 Best Acoustic Guitar Tuning Pegs, you should give this one a chance. This is probably one of the best 5 Best Acoustic Guitar Tuning Pegs you can find.


  • Lovely fancy design
  • Metal construction
  • The gear ratio is high
  • It has two mounting plates
  • Boast a pricey, elegant appearance


  • It may affect the weight of the headstock

Grover 102-18C Rotomatic

Description: We like the groover 102-18C since it is long-lasting, of great quality, and provides extremely fine tuning. Not only that, but they have a locking system built in to prevent string slippage, allowing your guitar to stay tuned for longer!

Features: This model works with 6-inline guitars (such as a fender design). Grover is well-known for producing tuning pegs, and their obvious quality has earned them their reputation through the years. In fact, if you buy a high-end guitar, there’s a strong chance it already has a set of groovers. 

If you are looking for the 5 Best Acoustic Guitar Tuning Pegs, you should give this one a chance. This is probably one of the best 5 Best Acoustic Guitar Tuning Pegs you can find.

This package contains six Rotomatic tuners. A popular set of machine heads ideal for replacing or improving your existing gear. The majority of Rotomatics will suit Gibson and Epiphone models. However, it is always a good idea to double-check.

This is a set of machine heads with closed backs that are always lubricated. They have a 14-to-1 gear ratio and are built up in a three-by-three layout. They feature a basic, boring design with a chrome finish.

Because the worm and gearing are accurately cut, there is minimal to no slippage with these machine heads.

They also allow you to adjust the tension using the countersunk tension screw to your liking. They do lock, however, the manufacturer recommends wrapping the new string around the post before tightening it. These may be the Best Value Grover Tuner you can buy as a simple replacement or upgrade to your guitar’s hardware.

The set also contains wood screws, bushings, and 58-inch washers. However, they are created in China, which may give some people concern. Another nice set of replacement tuners at a reasonable price.


  • 6 in a row, 6 in a row
  • For in line and smaller headstocks, a smaller version of the full-size Roto-Grip lockers
  • Those who want a milder touch
  • Taiwan, a Chinese province, is the country of origin


  • None

Buyer’s Guide for 5 Best Acoustic Guitar Tuning Pegs

What kind of tuning pegs do you have on your acoustic guitar?

When changing acoustic guitar tuning pegs, it is best to purchase a set that is identical to the set that is now on the guitar. That is unless you want to upgrade to a better set of tuning pegs.

Changing the tuning pegs will necessitate adjustments to the guitar’s headstock to accommodate the new tuning keys. Because tuning keys aren’t universal, you’ll never find a one-size-fits-all set.

As a result, you should proceed with caution while attempting to replace your acoustic guitar tuning keys. In this acoustic guitar tuning pegs buyer’s guide, you’ll learn all you need to know about buying tuning keys.

Recognize Your Guitar Type

If you merely want to replace your tuning keys and not upgrade them, you should get an identical match for your acoustic guitar. But first, you must identify the make and model of your acoustic guitar.

Check the serial number on the back of the acoustic guitar’s headstock if you don’t have this information available. Serial numbers differ across manufacturers, therefore it’s advisable to check their websites for further details.

Identify Tuning Pegs Style

Tuning pegs on acoustic guitars are of two types: 3 x 3 tuners and inline tuners. Inline tuners, as the name implies, are located on one side of the headstock of your acoustic guitar. 3 x 3 tuners, on the other hand, are grouped in groups of three on each side of the headstock.

Are They Old Tuners?

Vintage tuners have an open gear and a ‘press-fit’ bushing, which is a bushing that fits into the peg holes on the headstock and is kept in place by resistance. Most antique pegs fit into quarter-inch peg holes with a slightly expanded peghead face (11/32′′) to accommodate the bushing. 

Keystone, Open Back, 3 On-Plate, and 6 In-Line are some of the most popular antique tuners.

Are These Gear Tuning Pegs Sealed?

Sealed tuners are surrounded by a 10 mm bushing and a threaded washer. They also include a casing over the worm gear to keep dirt out and the gears oiled all the time.

Sealed gear tuners are inserted into 3/8-inch diameter peg holes. To tighten the guitar strings, all sealed tuners on the market are comparable and employ the same mechanism.

Vintage-Looking Modern Tuners

Some current tuners imitate the typical old aesthetic, but they are easily distinguished. There is a significant distinction between the two comparable guitar tuning pegs.

Modern tuning machines have a larger casting diameter than their predecessors. As a result, to accommodate the increased diameter, acoustic guitars with current tuners have larger peg holes on their stock heads.

You’re now ready for the following stage after determining the type of tuners on your acoustic guitar.

What to Look for in Acoustic Guitar Tuning Pegs

A solid pair of replacement acoustic guitar tuning keys may make or break your song. Most acoustic guitars come with low-quality tuning keys, so upgrade them whenever possible.

It’s best, however, to get the correct tuning keys for your acoustic guitar, as the wrong keys can ruin its performance. If the keys don’t fit well, they might cause mechanical difficulties and depreciate your instrument.

This buyer’s guide for acoustic guitar tuning gear can assist you in avoiding these complications.

Ratio of Gears

Gear ratio, a two-digit value, is used by manufacturers to define the tuning precision of the peg. A low gear ratio implies that it just takes a few spins for the post to complete one revolution. A larger gear ratio indicates that it takes more revolutions for the post to complete one rotation

A greater gear ratio is ideal since it allows you to spin the posts in smaller increments, giving you more control according to this 5 Best Acoustic Guitar Tuning Pegs review.

Tuning keys with an 18:1 ratio are more precise than those with an 11:1 ratio. Because they coil the strings in bigger batches, keys with a low gear ratio make it difficult to achieve accurate string tension. Modern tuning machines, as opposed to vintage keys, have higher gear ratios.

The normal gear ratio on these tuners runs from 14:1 to 18:1, but may go as high as 28:1 (Gotoh) and 39:1 in certain top brands according to this 5 Best Acoustic Guitar Tuning Pegs review.


Acoustic guitars appear to be easy musical instruments to the uninformed, yet they are precise instruments in the true sense. Each component is meticulously adjusted to give the ideal tone.

Any little variation in the headstock mass impacts how the neck responds to string vibration and, as a result, its playability. Most changes are unpredictable and may have an impact on the quality of your music.

As a result, installing straight replacement tuners on your acoustic guitar is recommended. The sound of the guitar strings alters when the hardware becomes lighter, larger, or heavier according to this 5 Best Acoustic Guitar Tuning Pegs review.

Changing the size of your acoustic guitar’s replacement keys also requires for alteration of the peg holes. Drilling additional peg holes or expanding holes on the headstock or anywhere else, unfortunately, diminishes the tone and devalues the instrument.

Keys for Locks

Locking tuners on guitars with tremolo bridges or vibrato arms assist keep the instrument in tune. To fasten the guitar strings, locking tuners employ a rod within the post or a collar that wraps around the post.

Such locking devices avoid the need to wound the string around the posts on a constant basis according to this 5 Best Acoustic Guitar Tuning Pegs review.

Post with Staggered Height

Staggered height tuners outperform normal height tuners, particularly if your guitar has six tuners in a single row. Using staggered height tuners eliminates the need for string trees to enhance tuning stability on guitars with whammy bars. 

The posts in staggered tuners are available in three lengths: short, medium, and long. Strings 1 and 2 are attached to the smallest posts, strings 3 and 4 to the middle posts, and strings 5 and 6 to the highest.

Although staggered posts are ideal, they may modify the bulk of your headstock if they are not a straight replacement for your old keys according to this 5 Best Acoustic Guitar Tuning Pegs review.

Installation Ease

A direct replacement for current acoustic guitar keys is a straightforward technique that requires just basic equipment. All you need is a little screwdriver, a 10 mm nut-driver, or a deep-well socket.

The finest acoustic guitar tuning keys have a straightforward locking mechanism that makes them simple to install and replace. Most have mounting screws on the other side of the headstock and a threaded collar.

When changing an acoustic guitar’s tuning peg, use a 10 mm nut driver to unscrew and tighten the threaded collar according to this 5 Best Acoustic Guitar Tuning Pegs review.

When to change the pegs?

If you are having tuning issues and your machine head is the main reason, you are most likely encountering one of the following.

Machine post wobble – the machine posts are the pegs that hold the string to the headstock. String tension is required in order for the strings to find the proper tune. Machine heads can only withstand stress for so long before cracking according to this 5 Best Acoustic Guitar Tuning Pegs review.

The backlash of gear alignment – Backlash is the amount of free play experienced while turning a button from one direction to the other. Turning the button turns the post (the component through which the string loops), and if there is too much movement when the button is turned, getting a proper pitch might be difficult.

Backlash in gear alignment occurs as the gear teeth wear out over time. Breaks in the button – The buttons are the machine peg’s grasp piece. This is where you rotate the machine head to alter the pitch. It is also typical for the button to break (especially with plastic buttons).

If you are not experiencing these issues, you should explore the likely underlying cause. Other potential factors to examine include either strain or touch.

Conclusion: 5 Best Acoustic Guitar Tuning Pegs [2022 Review]

Tuning pegs are a little but important part of your acoustic guitar playing performance. The appropriate tuning keys allow you to tune your instrument with remarkable precision while also allowing it to stay in tune for an extended period of time.

The greatest tuning machines have a high gear ratio, sealed gears, good locking mechanisms, fine craftsmanship, and are constructed of long-lasting materials. We hope you liked our 5 Best Acoustic Guitar Tuning Pegs review and it was helpful.

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