Nowadays, almost every major drum manufacturer can be proud of its hardware. With such severe competition and technical innovation allowing for outstanding performance at low rates, there just isn’t a place in today’s market for subpar pedals.

The 5000 Series has become something of an institution, with pedals from the series appearing on many a non-DW bass drum, but now it’s time for the new 9000 range to shine. If you are interested in these models, keep reading our DW 5000 vs 9000 Bass Drum Pedal Comparison review for more information below.

Winner of DW 5000 vs 9000 Bass Drum Pedal Comparison: DW 5000

The DW 5000 and DW 9000 pedals are both a lot of fun to use. They are both incredibly responsive, quick, and controlled. They are also quite stable and comfortable to walk on.

Both pedals are extremely smooth, but the DW 9000 single pedal has even less resistance due to the free components. The DW 5000 has a bit more resistance, but many musicians like it for this reason.

The DW 5000 series pedal is the gold standard in the industry. It has everything you could desire in a kick drum pedal. It’s super duper, dependable, powerful, responsive, and entirely customizable according to this DW 5000 vs 9000 Bass Drum Pedal review.

DW 5000

Description: The DW 5002AD4 double kick pedal has all of the characteristics that have made the 5000 Series renowned among drummers across the world.

Features: The Accelerator Drive technology on the 5002AD4 provides an indirect interaction between the sprocket and footboard for optimal velocity and sensitivity.

The unique rubberized Tri-pivot Toe Clamp, a textured leather grip pad on the bottom plate, and the Dual-Bearing Spring Rocker that delivers silky smoothness are just a few of the enhancements DW built into the 5002AD4. In addition to these fantastic upgrades, the DW 5002AD4 may be tailored to your own playing style!

The DW 5002AD4 double kick pedal is equipped with DW’s Tri-Pivot Toe Clamp technology, which ensures that the pedal and bass drum remain linked regardless of hoop size or angle.

The clamp system’s three contact points are wrapped in rubber and bend to the tilt of the hoop at their points of contact. The end result? You receive a secure connection (regardless of how loud the gig is) and your hoops remain intact.


  • The Tri-Pivot Toe Clamp is both secure and soft on your hoop.
  • Rubber grip eliminates bass drum creep.
  • Rocker with dual-bearing springs for optimum smoothness


  • None

DW 9000

Description: The new double chain 9000 pedal and its double pedal sibling, the 9002, are the two attractive components we have here.

Features: Footplates and baseplates are silver rather than DW’s typical black with silver logo, and the black frames are very hefty without being awkward.

The usage of a ‘floating rotor’ rather than one connected to a drive shaft as in traditional pedals is perhaps the most significant aspect of the build quality of the pedals.

The rotor (the part to which the double chain is linked) so spins smoothly and quietly around the driving shaft (the metal bar between the two upright posts), which is free to spin as well – the objective is a super-slick, sophisticated-feeling assembly.

The position of the tension springs is another important component in maintaining super responsiveness in these pedals. DW has relocated the spring from the end of the driving shaft to the inside of the frame, closer to the center of the unit.

According to the corporate blurb, the goal here is to maintain “the vertical alignment of the moving elements,” which makes sense in principle.


  • Build
  • Response


  • Small size

DW 5000 vs 9000 Bass Drum Pedal Quality

The DW 5000 and DW 9000 single bass drum pedals each have an impressive list of functions. They’re both a lot of fun to play and geared for expert and professional drummers.

There are several similarities between the DW 5000 and 9000 bass drum pedals. Although the DW 9000 series kick pedal is more costly, it does not imply that the DW 5000 pedal is any less effective. Both of these pedals are the industry standard for all musical types.

DW 5000 vs 9000 Bass Drum Pedal Spring Rocker

The DW 5000 and DW 9000 series pedals have distinct spring mechanics that are visible in the shape of the pedals. The spring on the DW 5000 is located outside of the frame, but the pedal spring unit on the DW 9000 is located inside the frame.

We like how the spring unit is accommodated by the DW 9000 pedal. It’s well protected inside the frame and appears to be of higher quality. The DW 9000 has a unique Floating Swivel Spring that provides less resistance and an extremely smooth feel. In our perspective, the DW 5000 series Dual Spring Rocker is not as smooth or well made.

DW 5000 vs 9000 Bass Drum Pedal Common Characteristics

Both pedals include non-slip textured rubber grip undersides and the same unique Tri-Pivot toe clamp that keeps the pedal and bass drum hoop attached no matter what the size or angle of the bass drum according to this DW 5000 vs 9000 Bass Drum Pedal review.

The DW 5000 and DW 9000 pedals have sturdy frames and footboards. The structure and build quality of these pedals bear the DW stamp. They’re both quite sturdy and durable, but the DW 9000 pedal is heavier and has a bigger base plate.

Conclusion: DW 5000 vs 9000 Bass Drum Pedal Comparison [2022 Review]

In this comparison review, we compared the DW 5000 vs 9000 single bass drum pedals side by side to see which is better. We examined the build quality, features, pedal responsiveness, and price to see who comes out on top! We hope you liked our DW 5000 vs 9000 Bass Drum Pedal review.

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