Floor-standing speakers are required to perform your home cinema sound system design. There are also different floor-standing speaker versions produced by various companies.

Klipsch, on the other hand, manufactures its speakers with some unique technologies, like the tractrix trumpet, and they dedicate a significant amount of time and money to making music more pleasant.

For example, to give you the greatest musical experience possible, they invest in Klipsch RP-280F and Klipsch RP-8000F. The Klipsch RP-280F and RP-8000F have several similarities and variances. If you are interested in these models, keep reading our Klipsch RP280f vs RP 8000 review for more information below.

Klipsch RP280f

Description: The Klipsch RP-280F has a pleasing appearance. Previous speakers did not have such a slick look. However, this RP-280F is not what anyone would expect.

Features: Its design is really smooth and nice. The speakers are set back from the bottom of the screen. It also includes an 8-inch woofer. The woofer is pretty large. Klipsch employs cerametallic elements in all of their speaker woofers. They have customarily done so.

Titanium is used in the manufacture of the tweeter. A Tractrix horn measuring 90 x 90 is also included. The black grille is an interesting feature of its design. It was always magnetically fastened in front of the speaker. The speakers and trumpets are disguised behind the grille. And an open port allows the air to flow freely.

Overall, it’s a lovely speaker with black and cherry accents. With the bass reflex enclosure, the texture is smooth. This basic but effective design has an impact on the bass and loudness. You will hear a fantastic sound.

The Klipsch RP–280F floor standing speaker is the biggest in the Klipsch Reference Premiere family of home theater speakers. The Reference Premiere speaker series is the successor of the Reference line.

The Klipsch RP-280F is an improved version of the R-28F Reference series floor-standing speaker. Klipsch made some aesthetic adjustments, but they also increased the speaker’s performance. The most visible modifications are in the tweeter and Tractrix horn designs.

The Klipsch RP-280F is one of the best under $1,000 floor-standing speakers on the market. It produces spacious, immersive sound with powerful bass, realistic mids and vocals, and crisp highs. You won’t find a finer listening experience for under $1,000.

The RP-280F floor-standing speaker is delivered in a massive cardboard box. It’s well-protected and well-packaged. The user handbook and a 5-year guarantee are also included in the box. Speaker wire wasn’t included and must be ordered online or purchased from a local audio store.

In many aspects, the Klipsch RP-280F differs from prior Klipsch floor-standing speakers, yet the design is still familiar. That’s probably the only thing Klipsch will never alter. All of the well-known trademarks are still present.

The cabinet is built of MDF, with a polymer veneer finish. The RP-280F is available in three variants (three distinct finish colors): cherry, black, and ebony.


  • Sound that is rich, detailed, and fills the entire room
  • Design that is sophisticated
  • Highly efficient and simple to operate


  • Too big for a little space

Klipsch RP 8000

Description: Another brilliantly crafted speaker is the Klipsch RP-8000F. And largely required. People adore it for its simplicity.

Features: The horn is the major draw of this speaker. In geometry, the tractrix is horn-shaped. The softer silicone substance cone is affixed to the funnel’s mouth. The woofer, as usual, is composed of cerametallic alloy with a copper color coating. The woofer is 8 inches in diameter, which is enough.

The aluminum woofer and black and walnut colors make it seem quite contemporary. There are splits in the pattern that give it a distinctive appearance. The cabinet is likewise smooth and substantial. It appears to be a tower speaker with large woofers.

It’s been a while since we tested a Klipsch product, so we thought the company’s revamp of the Reference Premier range would be a good opportunity to see what Klipsch has been up to in the loudspeaker industry.

Today’s review is on the RP-8000F floor-standing speaker. We went for the Piano Black model since we love both nice appearance and amazing sound.

Next to the RF-7 III, they are Klipsch’s highest-end conventional tower speakers. Klipsch offers costlier Dolby Atmos speakers, but we’d rather focus on core performance than Atmos embellishments because the sound quality of these speakers will be primarily decided by the design.

The RP-8000F is slightly bigger than most tower speakers, but it is not a massive tower speaker. Our piano black RP-8000F is a shining, tall black box with the grille removed. With the grille removed, we see Klipsch’s signature copper cones and Tractrix lute tweeter.

With the grille removed, the speaker has a lot more personality. The legs are just bars that support the speakers at an upward tilt, so it does not stand at a perfect 90-degree vertical angle. A copper ring surrounds the cones’ frame, and there is a copper ring inside the Tractrix horn; these rings offer a beautiful touch of delicacy.


  • Neutral, precise reaction
  • Dispersion is very well controlled
  • a broad dynamic range
  • Sensitivity that is above average
  • Copper tones on gloss black look really sleek


  • The listed sensitivity specification of 98dB/2.83v/1m is devoid of context

Klipsch RP280f vs RP 8000 Comparison

Both speakers have the same amp power of 150 watts, a tweeter using tractrix horn technology, an 8-inch woofer with a frequency response of 32-25k Hz, and the same sensitivity and impedance of 98 dB and 8 Ohm.

And if you compare the Klipsch RP-280F against RP-8000F 0f, you will see that the speaker size and weight are not the same. Furthermore, the speaker connector types differ; the Klipsch RP-280F has a Binding Post connection type, whilst the Klipsch RP-8000F has a post type connection type.

Their prices are also not the same, but they are within your budget.

Klipsch RP280f vs RP 8000 Amps

The power of the amplifier is an important component for every speaker. Because amplifier power determines how a speaker’s sound will be, the more amp power a speaker has, the more efficient, clear, and smooth the sound will be.

Because it raises the level of the signals. As a result, ensure that your speaker has adequate amp power. The Klipsch RP-280F features a 150 Watt amp power. That’s very remarkable. It signifies it can create a sufficient amount of clear sound.

It will deliver excellent results. High performance implies producing the loudest or most melodic sound possible. The RP-8000F takes first place in this category. The amplifier can provide up to 150 Watts of power. As a result, it can replicate sound more effectively than the RP-280F.

Klipsch RP280f vs RP 8000 Dimensions

Dimension is critical to understand. Because when you buy a speaker, you must install it in your room. Knowing the measurement might therefore assist you in purchasing the correct one.

The height, breadth, and depth of the Klipsch RP-280F speaker are 43.20, 10.50, and 16.40 inches, respectively. This size is appropriate for any sort of room.

You may easily include it in your home theater.

And the weight is 62.5 lbs, which is a little heavier than the RP-8000F. The RP-8000F’s dimensions are 10.00 x 18.00 x 43.00-inch (depth x width x height). The weight is 60 pounds. This speaker is lighter than the RP-280F. This is a slim and stylish designer speaker. Discover the Klipsch RP-160M and RP-600M, which offer a gorgeous luxury aesthetic.

Klipsch RP280f vs RP 8000 Sensitivity

The sensitivity of your speaker determines how loud it may be. So, in order to acquire the most audible sound, your speaker should have a high rate sensitivity power. The rate must be increased by 90 decibels. Because the 90dB sensitivity rate is correct, the loudest sound can be produced.

However, sensitivity rates of less than 90dB are also acceptable. It varies depending on your requirements. And when it comes to sensitivity, the Klipsch RP 280f and RP 8000 share the same 98dB sensitivity rating. That implies you’ll get the clearest and loudest sound or music and have a good time.

A performance is full of loud music, which you can now enjoy in the comfort of your own home. So, regardless of which one you buy, the sound will be the same. Other features may vary from time to time.

Klipsch RP280f vs RP 8000 Sound

This Klipsch RP-280F speaker produces excellent sound. The bass is rich and clear. It’s also distortion-free. It is a large speaker with large woofers that provide high-quality sound.

The highs are wonderfully smooth and listenable. The voices and mids are likewise well-balanced. You don’t notice any sound distortion. The sound is strong, and the frequency response is capable of producing gentle yet loud music. Lovely yet strong music will approach your ears.

 And the previously stated high sensitivity range will provide you with the richest and loudest sound.

Klipsch RP280f vs RP 8000 Tweeter

Both speakers contain a tractrix horn tweeter. The woofer is made of titanium. The tweeter is one inch in diameter. Capable of producing high frequencies.

Which is critical for any speaker seeking high-end performance. These speakers have 9090 Tractrix horns. What are your thoughts on this high-level horn? We just cannot express how excellent the speakers are. Every feature and detail is one-of-a-kind.

The RP-8000F has a somewhat better tweeter function. A vented tweeter has been installed by the firm. This just aids in obtaining a higher frequency while remaining smooth. The tweeter is lightweight and constructed of titanium. This aids in obtaining realistic sound in the ears.

Conclusion: Klipsch RP280f vs RP 8000 [2022 Review]

Whichever speaker you select will be ideal for you. All you have to do is find one that suits your requirements. Klipsch RP-280F versus Klipsch RP-8000F are both excellent speakers. I’ve included all of the features and analyses in this post. The remainder of what you need to do is go to the business and see it for yourself.

A true sound test will take care of the rest. Then you’ll know just what to buy. They are not similar because the majority of their characteristics are the same. However, there is a variation in sound quality.

Because the speakers are both Klipsch. You should not be concerned. You will not be sorry if you decide to get one of these. We hope you liked our Klipsch RP280f vs RP 8000 review and it was helpful.

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