When buying pedals, guitarists must follow one rule of thumb: “You get what you spend for.” That being stated, you do not need to purchase the most costly things on the market. In fact, the market for guitar effects pedals presently provides a wide range of economical and high-quality alternatives, including Zoom versions.

Zoom G3X and Zoom G3Xn are among the most affordable pedals for budget-conscious guitarists. Naturally, the question of Zoom G3X versus G3Xn piques the interest of music lovers on a budget according to our Zoom G3X vs G3XN review.

Don’t know which Zoom pedal is best for your playing style? If that is the case, this article should be useful. You will be exposed to almost all you need to know about the Zoom GX3 and Zoom G3Xn features down below. If you are interested in these models, keep reading our Zoom G3X vs G3XN review for more information below.

Winner of Zoom G3X vs G3XN: G3XN

Even though the Zoom G3Xn is newer, it is not as good as the Zoom G3X. They both have advantages and disadvantages. If you require a looper to loop layers of different patches or an audio interface to connect directly to your computer for recording, the Zoom G3X is a good option.

If you believe that those two aspects are unimportant, you may go for the Zoom G3Xn, which has increased sound quality, an excellent design that allows for much greater control in live playing, and software for downloading new effects/emulations and organizing your custom patches.

Zoom G3X

Description: With a sturdy metal chassis and strong footswitches, the Zoom G3X should be able to withstand regular live use with ease. Because of its low profile and small weight, guitarists may use the Zoom pedal almost everywhere.

Features: You can easily keep track of current operations with a look thanks to the clear displays. People should have no issue changing the effects in the blink of an eye using the cursor buttons. Aside from physical editing, Zoom’s Edit & Share software allows for digital editing as well.

Aside from demonstrating the model’s exceptional capabilities, the Zoom G3X’s preloaded patches are also rather useful. The Zoom device may generate quickly useful tones by utilizing a wide range of distinct effects according to our Zoom G3X vs G3XN review.

Of course, if you want to change things up a little, the pedal has a plethora of effect combinations that result in a variety of sounds. Because the Zoom G3X allows guitarists to switch between patches, you might employ hand-picked effects for certain songs.

On the Zoom G3X, switching from one patch to the other takes barely a millisecond — a world record in the field of multi-effects pedals. As a result, you should never detect sound gaps when utilizing the Zoom model according to our Zoom G3X vs G3XN review.

If you desire extra parameter control, you may add an expressiveness pedal, a tempo footswitch, and so forth. Sadly, the equipment only has one socket, thus you can’t use the pedal and the terms of utilizing at the same time.

When you connect the Zoom G3X to amps and bypass the effects, the dynamic changes dramatically as the signal compresses. Needless to say, the volume, gain, feel, and so on would all vary, causing problems.

The Zoom G3X’s input appears to have insufficient headroom for high output pickups as well as heavy-handed guitarists. Clipping the input frequently results in unsightly popping noises that stay in the signal long after distortion effects have taken effect.


  • Durable and simple to use
  • Comes with a plethora of useful patches
  • There is no audible pause in use


  • The Lack of Transparent Bypass

Zoom G3XN

Description: With Zoom G3Xn, you may access a variety of unique patches created by Zoom guitar players, allowing you to recreate legendary sounds from great performers.  

Features: It’s normally simple for music aficionados to add new unique patches to the device using Guitar Lab software. Furthermore, the model has a variety of rhythm patterns, which is ideal for practice rigs and “one-man-band” performances these days. Users should have no issue utilizing the included chromatic tuner to bypass the current patch at any time.

In addition to a regular guitar input, the Zoom G3n has an auxiliary stereo input for music players and cellphones. The pedal also has a delicate headphone jack for mono/stereo L/R connection, PA systems, audio interfaces, and so forth.

You might easily tune the Zoom model for certain sound configurations thanks to the Mic On/Off function. Overall, the Zoom G3Xn is a very forgiving effect pedal to deal with most of the time.

You may manipulate Zoom G3n effect chains as you see fit using the Zoom Guitar Lab software’s easy interface. Because the control is entirely point-and-click, there is no room for error.

Many inexperienced guitarists believe that the Zoom G3n instruction booklet was produced by techs for techs. As a result, if you’re unfamiliar with effect pedals in general, you may need to watch a lot of YouTube tutorials to learn the fundamentals.

While the Zoom G3n allows you to experiment with numerous patches created by Zoom guitarists, the gadget does not permit custom construction on a computer. Such a restriction prevents individuals from getting the most out of the pedal.


  • Plenty of Handmade Patches
  • There are several inputs and outputs
  • The Interface Is Simple and Straightforward


  • Unable To Support Patch Building

Zoom G3X vs G3XN Comparison

If you’re a guitarist, you understand how important it is to have the freedom and flexibility to create your own trademark sound. A guitar effect pedal is required to attain such freedom and flexibility.

Of course, with the release of the first guitar effect pedal, it has been an absolute need for all guitar players. You may also require it to mold your guitar tone so that it blends nicely with your band.

Zoom G3X vs G3XN Design

The Zoom G3X and Zoom G3Xn are both designed as standard guitar effect pedals, but there are several key distinctions. Zoom G3X is based on the Zoom G5. It looks to be tidy and compact. The expression pedal, three distinct display displays with their own control buttons, and three footswitches are all included.

One of the main reasons why people like this model is because of its design. With three independent display displays and three footswitches, you may adjust numerous settings easily and quickly. The housing is predominantly dark gray, with an orange backdrop on the backlit display displays.

Zoom G3X vs G3XN Effects

Zoom G3X comes with a plethora of effects. There are a total of 116 built-in choices, including 94 sound effects and 22 amp/cabinet types. The sound effects are fantastic, yet the distortion noises are only passable.

Zoom G3Xn, on the other hand, has been chastised for having just 80 effect types in total, which includes 70 DSP audio effects, 5 amp types, and 5 cabinet designs. It misses some reverbs, such as strymon and eventide models, but the software provides additional simulations. The new n series has superior sound quality, however, this might be subjective at times.

The Zoom G3X can handle up to 7 stacked effects, and the flanger has its own dedicated slot. This is useful since it enables you to loop layers of various settings. The looper has a recording time of up to 40 seconds. It comes with 100 patches and 41 built-in rhythm variations.

Some individuals have criticized the Zoom G3Xn because, although having 7 slots for stacking effects, the flanger always uses one of them. You will be unable to loop layers of various patches as a result of this impact. As a result, some individuals believe that the looper is relatively worthless, because they utilize it for that specific reason.

Zoom G3X vs G3XN Connection

In terms of computer connectivity, there is a major difference between the two types. The Zoom G3X may be directly connected to a computer for recording without the need for an extra interface. However, without an external interface, the Zoom G3Xn cannot connect directly to a computer for recording. This may be a problem for some people.

Conclusion: Zoom G3X vs G3XN [2022 Review]

Overall, when comparing Zoom G3X vs G3Xn, it’s difficult to determine which pedal model is preferable without taking into account individual tastes. Though the Zoom G3Xn is the newest model with better sound quality, several Zoom G3X vs G3Xn comparisons show that the gain comes at the expense of adaptability.

As a result, choose Zoom G3X if you desire a straightforward pedal effect with adjustable outputs, power options, and so on. In contrast, if sound quality is your first priority, go for the Zoom G3Xn. We hope you liked our Zoom G3X vs G3XN review and it was helpful.

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